Looking for some adventurous activities for your family? Try these simple, imaginative yet exciting activities and create fun-filled holidays! No one loves adventures more than kids!

• Take a different route to the hotel
If you have spare time on your way back to the hotel from somewhere, take a different route and explore a new street. Your children will find it exciting and discover many things along the way.

• Get dirty
Engage yourself and your children in activities that will get you muddy, dirty, or wet. Encourage your children to get their hands dirty to foster learning and rediscover the fun they can have with dirt.

• Adventures after dark
Make adventures after dark exciting but safe for everyone. You can use a torch to go on a small adventure around your hotel room or create a trail using glow sticks.

• Drive on hilly or narrow roads
Go for a drive with your children on hilly or narrow roads. It’s extremely adventurous and exciting for the kids.

• Star gazing
Go out in the open space and appreciate the stars on a clear night. Try lying on the ground like the spokes of a wheel with heads together and enjoy the night sky. See if you can spot any shooting stars- and ask your child to wish on them!

• Go hiking or bush walking
Go hiking or bush walking with your children. Check with your hotel if they have guided tours and make your way through the wildly beautiful mountains.

• Swap your Answers
Say “Yes” to an invitation you would normally decline and surprise your children. You will be surprised at the fun you will all have as a family.

• Travel the local way
It’s best to experience the local way of travelling. You children will be amused to see a variety of transport right from a ferry to a toboggan to a tram. Your children are sure to have a time of their life.

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