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My Travel Scrapbook

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Looking for a travel scrapbook that has the best of both worlds, one in which you can include any country or state you visit, nationally and internationally? Meet My Travel Scrapbook – it is ideal for parents and children that want one designated book for most of their travels. You can document up t0 10 Indian holidays and 5 International ones with this pick.

Children get the opportunity to preserve all their holidays in one book and refer back to it with their loved ones, over the years. This travel scrapbook is a quintessential one with spaces to write about the place they travel to, it’s capital, local food experienced, cultures seen, dates of travel, various travel stories or stick a boarding pass, favourite travel photos and keepsakes

My travel scrapbook is a book you come home to after a joyful trip with your family and over the course of the next few days begin filling it in with everything you’ve learned, enjoyed and loved to do.


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8 x 10 inch



Inside this book:

This book is perfect to document many holidays – with individual spread-sheets for each destination. One of the things kids love most are stickers and with My Travel Scrapbook, we give you a bunch of states and country stickers so your little one can stick the appropriate location as per your travel destination. So go ahead, make the most of this totally optimizable travel book!