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My Travel Diary

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A family vacation is the best time to start making the most fun memories and begin preserving them. Say hello to Little Travel Bug’s Travel Diary for children. It is attractive, lots of fun and very interactive, most importantly made with alot of love.

My Travel Diary is simple yet significant. It was born with the idea to help children to purely document every single thing they do daily whilst on a holiday. It becomes a safe space for them to start sharing their experiences whilst travelling which they might not necessarily discuss. This book gives travelogues a twist by making writing easy and interesting.

Be it a day trip, school camp or holiday, this book is super light and easy to travel with and share experiences on-the-go. It also helps in boosting memory and learn to write & organize better. Give your little one a creative outlet for any thoughts they may have whilst traveling.

Cherish these memories forever with your kids as you now have one dedicated book for doing the same.


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Book Size

8 x 8 inch


Soft Cover

Inside this book:

This travel diary has 14 sets of pages and it is built to be utilized as per the child’s travel plans and not limited to a location. You can use it for a day-by-day entry wherein the child gets to share his thoughts about local food tried, how the weather was, mode of transportation, overall mood, new experiences, special memories from the day and so on. Introduce your little one to the magical world of travelling with this travel diary.