Every corner of the globe is a classroom and every travel experience a teacher. It is important to expose your children to new experiences and provide unique learning opportunities that will broaden the mindset.

It’s a big world out there- so big that it is nearly impossible to visit each and every place in the course of a lifetime. But what we can surely do is to travel to new places and experience unusual and different kinds of holidays. Don’t just restrict yourself to the beaches or historical monuments.

There is so much to explore; from natural wonders to the man-made marvels, from snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches, from wildlife to cityscapes, the choices are seemingly endless. And with every travel, your child will be enriched. There are a variety of holidays of which a few are mentioned here and with every holiday the learning will be different.

• A beach holiday can be relaxing for you but at the same time adventurous for your little ones. The beaches allow children to have more contact with the natural world. They get all the freedom to transform their imagination into sand castles and thereby foster learning.

• Safari holidays give an opportunity to experience some incredible wildlife encounters. They are fun, educational and adventurous giving a real-life picture of the life in the wild. Your children will experience raw beauty, wildlife and stunning landscapes. • Holidays to places with strong cultural and historical roots can bring history to life and enable you and your children to immerse in another culture, celebrate festivals, make friends with and get inspired by local people and see some amazing sights.

• The magic of theme park continues to thrill and entertain children world over. Not just children but it also brings out a child in adults. Let your children see this side of you. This will help strengthen family bonds and create wonderful memories.

• As a family, if you enjoy a particular sport make special efforts to attend the biggest sporting events like the football World Cup or US Open or Olympics. Let your children enjoy the fantastic ambience and unforgettable experience of watching a live match in the stadium.

With different holiday experiences, your children will find new interest, or expand on interest they already have. The idea is to instill in them a love for travel.Children who learn to travel will travel to learn. Once your children realize that there’s so much of this exciting world that they haven’t seen, they will be hungry to explore more and more!

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