There are many aspects of party-planning that one has to chalk out, yes, even when it is the birthday of your 4 year-old. As caretakers, we believe we have a lot to mull over when planning our special little one’s birthday and sometimes, party favours are the most stressful things to tick off your list.

2019 is a time when the days of Happy Meals at McDonald’s is long gone and extravagance has completely taken over – conversation for another day. But one thing that remains constant is the joy of going home from someone else’s birthday with a present! I mean, whether this is 1992 or now, the pure happiness of waiting till the end but being pretty sure, you’re taking a gift back with you is reason enough to want to be a kid again.

If you’re hosting your munchkin’s birthday, we’re sure there’s a lot of aspects you’re looking into – from the theme to the caterer, location, guest list, a game host and so much more… here’s something I can help with – return gifts! I’ve put together some guiding principles on the how-to selection of party favours for kids. Scroll along, we are sure this will

1. Budget-friendly: Every party comes with the overarching budget that includes it all – food, games, cake, venue, party outfits, invites, decor and return gifts. First things first, make sure to keep a dedicated amount for returns and more importantly, adhere to it. When we leave things towards the end, we tend to splurge because of the lack of options and time. In today’s market, the options are plenty – from selecting one medium-sized gift to creating a goody bag with tons of smaller gifts – parents have all the options they can get.

2. Versatility: Birthday parties are attended by both boys and girls, let’s always remember to keep the gift gender-neutral. There’s nothing worse than realizing the gift is going to be of no use to somebody, especially after you’ve put in all that hard work in finding the perfect gifts.

Let’s not forget, age. If you’re celebrating the birth of your younger one, a few of your older one’s best friends are going to make it. Now, while it is not feasible to go around and buy separate gifts for different age groups and genders – it helps to find that one gift that can be extended to all.
Pro tip: If you do have separate gifts for an age group or gender – use colour coordinated gift bags that will help you differentiate before the kids dash out the door in all that rush. Tags also help!

3. Utility: Kids attend so many parties per week that finding a gift that is unique and brings value to the child is tough but also important. A little research in this department can go a long way. Mommy, you do know it when you get a gift that you don’t find utility in you try and think of passing it along and more than that, it is like investing money and not reaping the benefits? The practicality of the gift is key. Think about your child and try to find the use in all the noise we can buy today.

4. Parent approved: Lastly, our favourite factor – you are a mommy and you do know best. When selecting a product for the kids to think about being at the receiving end, would you appreciate it? Always think about ways the parent-child could bond with a certain gift, or it would help make their lives that little bit simpler. Not sure what we mean? Go on, read ahead to know more.

Looking for a return gift that is all of the above? You have come to the right place. Mommies & Daddies, let me introduce to you – the range of books by Little Travel Bug. It is a company that is set out to ensure that children learn and grow whilst they travel. What’s more is that they provide you with a plethora of book options to pick from that offer different benefits from being a travel guide, a travel scrapbook or a travel diary. These books are habit-builders and appropriate gifts for those between the ages of 4-12 years – age and gender no bar. Travelling is an enriching experience and we must encourage children to record their travel stories so that they always have a safe space to look back on with all their family travel fun.

Some of these books also serve as guides like Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong books. As humans, we all learn better when we’re prepared for a new situation and these books provide all the fun details about where to go, what to do and expect for little ones.

So go ahead, head on to and make your pick for these perfect return gifts that are in the range of Rs.299/- to Rs.699/-. They’re budget-friendly, offer great practical value, can be personalised by the child and gender-neutral.

Happy shopping journey!

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