1. What is the age group for these travel books?

    While travelling has no specific age bar per se, we recommend these books for children between the ages of 4 – 12 years. These books are constant use and not just one time. Your children can refer to them when reminiscing or read more about a certain country.


  2. Have you travelled to the places for which you have written the guides?

    Travel has been an integral part of my life since I was a young child. In fact, my travel stories are what inspired me to launch Little Travel Bug.

    Every book is written and edited by me and based on my experiences in journalling my travel stories from a young age. I only write about the places that I have visited with my children who are now 5 and 10 years old.


  3. Do you have any books for Indian vacations?

    Yes, we do! Little Travel Bug’s My Travel Scrapbook is the perfect pick for this requirement. It has the best of both worlds as you can preserve your national and international holidays in this one.

    In this travel book, you can document 10 Indian holidays and 5 International holidays. Keep one dedicated spot for all your travels with this Travel Scrapbook.

    P.S: Included with this book are Country and State stickers so you can personalise it to your requirement.


  4. How many pages are there in the Travel Scrapbook?

    This book is perfect to document many holidays – with individual spreadsheets for each destination. You can cover 10 Indian holidays and 5 international ones with this book.

  5. How many pages are there in the Travel Diary?

    My travel diary has 14 sets of pages and it is built to be utilized as per the child’s travel plans and not limited to a location.

    You can use it for a day-by-day entry wherein the child gets to share his thoughts about food eaten, how the weather was, mode of transportation, overall mood, new experiences, special memories from the day, do a little drawing and so on.

    Experiences they’d like to look back on – from a picnic entry to a new city, they can share it all!


  6. How do I place an order for return gifts?

    We’re so happy you’re giving fellow children a well-travelled future! Yes, we do provide exciting offers for bulk orders above 10 books. You can reach out to us at 7709609063 for further details.


  7. My child is still young for this, should I buy this at a later stage?

    Do memories have an age? The same way, our travel books and guides do not have one. The travel diary, scrapbook and country-specific books serve as a reservoir of memories for when your children have grown up and look back at their younger days.

    They remind them of a safer space and build life skills whilst at it. The guides can always be looked back on as informative and the photos as the good ol’ days.


  8. My child is not into writing? Should I consider buying a travel diary?

    Little Travel Books are habit-builders. When you combine a fun activity with another perhaps mundane one (according to your child), you get brilliant results.

    Here, we’re referring to travel as the fun part with your family – you can use this as an excuse to get your little one in the habit of journaling to share with extended family, unborn/younger siblings or friends.

    It’s extremely easy and the best way to encourage them to share their thoughts. It is also fun because of the layout and creativity one can utilize.

    It also serves as a great bonding technique for parents and children.


  9. My child is not fond of books and reading. Will the travel guide help him?

    Age is just a number and our travel diaries and scrapbooks transcend it. Here’s why – the guide is more than a what-to-do. It puts together fun information, activities to indulge in on-the-go and also serves as a memory book to return to years later.


    Since my kids are a big part of why I started this company, I make sure that all inputs are relevant and fun for children because I understand the limited attention span we have to make a difference.


  10. What is the difference between the Travel Diary and Travel Scrapbook?

    The travel diary is a great travel book to own – you can make entries like those from one-day picnics to your world escapades. Make notes from the food eaten to modes of transport taken to making notes memorable moments.


    On the other hand, our travel scrapbook not only has ample space for writing your travel stories but also sticking mementoes from them. You can enter facts like local foods tried, places visited and personalise it with stickers that we provide. You can also stick your boarding pass, park entry tickets and other memorable photos.

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