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Meet Our Founder

kavitaDear Mamas & Papas,

From a very young age, my parents began to take me along for the holidays. We did short and long trips, nationally and internationally. What developed was a fun-family routine – mom was known to carry all our favourite foods (which we always said we didn’t want but ended up relishing on those long journeys), dad became the designated bookings-in-charge (outdoing himself, every time) and my role, you wonder? It was the very best – to document our family holiday!

My diary has travel tickets, park entry passes, images from my many firsts (like kayaking with my family and our kayak getting stuck) and precious ones with friends I made across the globe… I still have it all, preserved. Often, my children and I fondly revisit my travel diaries from back in the day and bond over the similarities with theirs.

Looking back, I can clearly see what my parents were inculcating by giving me that responsibility – it was a habit builder. Maintaining a travel diary from a young age made me experience the world from a distinct perspective. I started to notice differences in ethnicity and cultural diversity. I even got more curious about currencies, flags, national anthems and all the ways countries are so different from each other but yet, so similar.

We tried unique cuisines together, I drew pictures of some dishes and learned to pronounce them right… it was a holistically enriching experience. It even got my parents some downtime because I was so engrossed in learning and knowing more.

For these reasons and a few hundred more, I launched Little Travel Bug in 2015 – to share this with you and yours. Our books make travel more enjoyable with interesting facts about countries and empty spaces for your little ones to draw, write and stick their favourite memory or jazz it up with interactive stickers that we provide. Think of it like a travel box that will transport you back to your best moments with your family, every single time you open it.

I invite you to explore the world, with us. Our range is expanding and there is something for every little one. Being a parent, I am certain our product range will bring value to your munchkin’s early years whilst inculcating habits and creating memories you can cherish, for a lifetime.


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